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Pinex Chemicals  was  founded  by  Mr. R . C . Chaudhary who is working in  the field of activated charcoal since 1963. We are the  manufacturer of activated Carbon..

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Active carbon first came into prominence through its use as an adsorbent in gas masks in the  1st  world  war. And There are Lots of Applications of Activated Carbon

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Being a  quality  conscious organization, we give most importance to the quality  of  the  range of activated charcoal carbon offered by us.

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About Pinex Chemicals


Pinex chemicals was founded by Mr. R . C . Chaudhary who is working in the field of activated charcoal since 1963. He is the manufacturer of activated charcoal carbon and is expert in making good quality product with his long experience. We have British technology which helps in manufacturing good quality of charcoal activated carbon.
Pinex chemicals produces charcoal activated carbons for maximum use in the pharmaceuticals and bulk drugs industries. We have a advanced testing laboratory and experienced technical assistance . Every grade of charcoal activated carbon is tested before dispatch.

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Our Office

Our Office

Pinex House, Street No.1, Bharwin Road, Hoshiarpur 146001
Phone 1: +91-1882-238906,
Mobile: +91-9417020906

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History of Activated Carbon

Active carbon first came intoprominence through its use as an  adsorbent   in   gas masks in the  1st  world  war.  However, the knowledge that carbon produced by  the decomposition of wood can remove coloring  matter  from   solutions ,  dates  back  to  the 15th  century,  and  the first commercial application  of  the  property  was  not   made,  however   until    1794 when charcoal filter were used in  British :- Mr. R.C.Choudhary 

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